I’ve decided I’m not having enough fun, I’m interacting all too often with exactly the kind of upper class ideologues I hoped to never interact with again by detransitioning, and I’m being approached as some kind of Detransitioner Talent Agent too often. (Six requests this week!)

So I’m going to focus on projects that are detransitioners talking to other detransitioners.  People who have not detransitioned have very opportunistic values when it comes to us.  So screw em.

I’m going to make a zine! I want it to be a collection of essays, poems, art, cartoons about THE WORST SHIT YOU SAW WHILE IN SEX POSITIVE SCENES. The most over the top, ridiculous, gross, enabling idiot-narcissists stories you got- please create something about it and send it to me at mariacatt42@gmail.com. It can be as triggering as the truth was.  When you email, please include how you want to be credited and where people can find other work of yours. Accepting submissions through the end of March!

2 thoughts on “Call for submissions: These Kinks Shame Themselves

  1. I think I may have a submission for you… I have been following your work for awhile now, and I think it is SO insightful and important. I myself like to write and draw comics, when I can find the time. LOVE that you are doing a zine – I think that’s really cool!

    Anyhoo… I do have a particular personal experience I was thinking of submitting, but I had just wanted to check first because I wasn’t sure from reading the description – are you accepting general submissions/personal experiences of like, bad times/toxic relationships to do with kink or are you just specifically looking for detransitioners’ perspectives at this time?

    Thanks in advance for the clarification!


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