“Hello everyone!  We are a group of women who have been building community for several years around the shared experience of reconciling with being female after a period of dis-identification, dysphoria, or transition.  We believe that it is important to build networks and infrastructure for women of this experience to organize and heal with one another.

One of the most important parts of this healing process is spending time  in person to process and raise our consciousness, run workshops, make music, and share our stories. We have gathered on Womens Land twice, and it has been an absolutely life changing experience already. So many of us have never known that female connection is possible to us, let alone so powerful to us, and we want to ensure that such a gathering can continue to be that balm. 

Unfortunately, it can be financially difficult to facilitate this happening! Our numbers are growing and growing, there are many women from many different places who want to be here, and we need to pay camp fees and bring food and supplies. Most of this we are trying to cover amongst ourselves. However, because the majority of us don’t have much disposable income at all, we are expecting a gap between what we can fund ourselves and what the gathering will actually cost. We would welcome a little extra help from the larger community if you feel moved to share.

By donating, you would be helping to build intentional female community and helping many women connect with each other after a profoundly disconnected experience.

If you leave emails or send addresses privately, we would love to send back some love letters — it can’t be overstated how much it means to us.

Any money that we don’t use for facilitating this gathering will be split between the land that is hosting us, and the We Want the Land Coalition, a nonprofit organization dedicated to providing women and girls with programs and events that celebrate our history, build community, and encourage empowerment and healing through conservation efforts of womens land. 

Thank you so much. Sending love and woo!”

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