It was a nice weekend. It was my first real weekend in a long time. I went through all my bills, made them auto-pay, and moved the payment dates so stuff hits after my second paycheck of the month. I worked out what a realistic savings goal is. There are two big expenses looming- I have to get two tires replaced and rotated, and Paco has a fatty lump on his hip I need to get checked out and I assume removed? I knew with adopting an older dog lumps were going to be part of the equation.

I went grocery shopping, bought a bunch of dried beans and sweet potatoes and cauliflower. Drank a lot of home made cold brew. Watched the whole new season of Man in the High Castle, which I love a whole lot. Love anything with a multi-verse. And there’s this Nazi commander who is slowly and surely creating his own hell, and I’m so into character arcs like that.

I’m reading “The Courage to be Disliked” which is a Japanese self-help book all about Alfred Adler. First of all, love a self-help book. Second of all, love Adler, always repping for us middle kids. This fall I’m trying to be much less likable. I got into a habit of likability when I was a kid that hasn’t served me well. I think I have a fair amount of experience of people not liking me, it’s the being ok with it I need to get down. I end up doing a lot of pointless, expensive shit to be likable.

The crock pot has been going all weekend, right now with chili. I bought a new potato peeler and got excited and peeled all my sweet potatoes just to use it. The peeler cost me EIGHT DOLLARS. That’s so much for a peeler. I went to Target, and the cheapest peeler was still five dollars, so I just went for broke and got the one with the big soft handle. The expensive potato peeler is awesome. Ripped through those sweet potatoes.

If I’m the only detransitioner you’ve been reading that’s dumb. Please go to the community page and go through the links. I have been waiting for this time in my life- weekends, auto-pay, streaming sci-fi about nazis running America into my eyeballs for hours at at time. There are so many smart and right-on detransitioners I now feel comfortable accepting the reality I’m not instinctively smart or right-on. Sometimes people have linked to my stuff saying I’m “wise” and it’s like, whoa you people didn’t pay attention to any of my stupid-ass stories. Wise people do not get into the crap I’ve gotten into. I have accumulated the life experiences of a dumbass through being a dumbass.

The trick to dried beans, it turns out, is an overnight soak in salt water before you cook them. I told that to someone last week and they said, “Isn’t that on the bean bag?” I said, “Oh fuck, for serious?” No, that person was wrong. I checked. The bean bags just say an overnight soak, not the salt water part. So if you didn’t know the salt water part, it’s ok you didn’t know. Sometimes we just don’t know key details and we end up making pots of mushy beans for our whole adult lives because the bean bags leave out the important part.

I listened to this album while I walked Paco this morning. Cleveland was weirdly foggy today, we were on the east side where a friend lives and we passed a deer. She didn’t give a shit about us, we were within 6 feet of her, she just kept eating someone’s decorative plants and twitching her little white tail in the fog. It was a goth dog walk moment. I love how consistently goth nature is. And life too, I guess.





4 thoughts on “Dumbass

  1. A good peeler is a joy for life. I love the way its all about the invisible arrangement of some atoms of Iron and Carbon, with tiny amounts of alloying elements on the edge that make all the difference. Thousands of years of metallurgical magic for a few quid.


  2. Wait, salt water? This is life changing. I actually thought that with the super mineralized AZ water that it would have a bad effect but did not know about this potential salt fix. Hmmmm.


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